About Us

TylerTyler was born and raised in Northern California.

From childhood, he was passionate about creative works, consistently fascinated by any artistic expression, and determined to pursue his own path to mastery of his chosen mediums.

He has natural talent, coupled with a great work ethic.

He works hard to build on that natural talent, understanding that the source of excellence is dependent upon both.

He has a proven record of producing remarkable results in a very short amount of time.

His artistic influences vary widely. In regards to print work, Thomas Kinkade (widely known as the “Painter of Light”) lived and created most of his paintings from Tyler’s home area. However, surrealist Salvador Dali holds much more influence and inspiration for Tyler.

His home is nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains – the origin of the name “Sierra Graphic”.

Tyler has multiple skills sets in various traditional and digital mediums, including:
  • Traditional illustration
  • Digital illustration
  • Graphic & Logo design
  • Video production

Tyler also is an avid and accomplished musician, capable of playing multiple instruments, songwriting, vocals, recording, and post-production.