“All of Me” John Legend (Tyler Kidd Karaoke)

“All of Me” John Legend (Tyler Kidd Karaoke)

Hey guys! Here is my 2nd time ever performing in front of a live audience singing “All of Me by John Legend” I hope you guys enjoy!!



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I was encouraged by my family in Florida this past week when i went to visit, to try karaoke. My father heard my voice and told me it was time to try it in the real world. My first night i had people speechless when i sang 3 Doors Down – here without you. The next night we went out to the bar again and I tried All of me by John Legend. There was a children’s birthday party going on, making it a tough crowd, but the feedback i got after my performance showed me that i do have at least some talent.


Tyler Kidd:

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I do not own any of this music in any way shape or form. It is owned by John Legend and whoever else that helped create this song. This cover of “All of me” was posted because I love it and wanted to share my talents with everyone.